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A map of motorhomes parking spots and guest harbours in Karlshamn
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Stay with your motorhome at one of the campsites in Karlshamn. Either Kolleviks Camping with the seaside location in the Vägga area or Långasjönäs Camping, which is located in a nature reserve about 10 kilometers north of the city center. If you prefer a parking space, there are in both the Vägga Harbor, as well as Svanevik during high season, but also at Eriksberg Wild & Nature Reserve. At Östra Piren, close to the center, there are six parking spaces for motorhomes.

Kolleviks Camping

Kolleviks Camping & Stugby is a seaside campsite located about 3 kilometers southeast of Karlshamn. The campsite is close to the Vägga harbour with a marina and seafood restaurant. From here, you can walk along the walkway by the sea into the center (about 2.5 km). At Kolleviks camping you will find a beach, cliffs, mini golf course, boules court, playground and tennis court. More information available at, Kolleviks Camping.
GPS: N 56 ° 9 32 E 14 ° 53 36

Långasjönäs Camping

Långasjönäs Camping & Stugby is located in the beautiful nature reserve Långasjönäs about 10 kilometers north of Karlshamn. Here you live close to beautiful nature, lakes and hiking trails. In the area, there is a beach, jetties, barbecue areas and the possibility to rent rowing boats and canoes. Nytorpet, with its exercise tracks, lakes, barbecue areas, rowing boats and sauna, is nearby. In Nytorpet you will also find an accessibility-adapted hiking trail. More informationavailable at, Långasjönäs Camping.
GPS: N 56 ° 13 54 E 14 ° 51 11

Östra Piren, parking spaces (no service)

At the East Pier there are six spacious parking spaces (chargeable) for motorhomes. The parking spaces are only a five-minute walk from the main square. These parking spaces are 24-hour parking. Please note that these parking spaces are not accessible during the Baltic Festival week 29.
GPS: N 56 ° 9 54 E 14 ° 51 55

Vägga harbour & Svaneviks parking spaces (with service)

The municipality of Karlshamn offers the possibility of a parking space in a defined area in the northern end of Vägga harbour from 01.06 to 31.08. Fee: 180 SEK/motorhome including electricity, water and waste disposal (available at the guest dock in Vägga harbour). Pay via the app “GoMarina”. Facilities: toilet, shower, electricity and water. For those of you who have a fixed sewage tank, there is the possibility of latine drainage at Kollevik’s Camping. For more information, phone +46 734-33 47 00.
GPS Vägga harbour: N 56 ° 9 30 E 14 ° 53 5
GPS Svanevik: N 56° 9 24″  E 14° 53 19

Eriksberg Wildlife & Nature reserve, parking spaces (with/without service)

During the summer season (April-August), there is a possibility to stay with your motorhome inside the park, in the parking lot next to the courtyard area, where there is access to toilets and a shower. The price is SEK 225/night without electricity. There are also four parking places with electricity and they cost 250 SEK. The receipt should be placed in the front window. Shop for game products at Eriksberg and barbecue in the barbecue hut at Gårdssjön (not allowed to grill in another place inside the park). There is also the opportunity to buy a hotel breakfast in the restaurant Visenten. More information available at, Eriksberg.
GPS: N 56 ° 10 83 33 E 15 ° 29 46

Mörrums Folkets Hus & Park, parking space (with/without service)

In the large parking lot outside Mörrums Folkets Hus & Park there are a number of spaces with electricity for motorhomes. When the park is manned/open, you will also have access to shower and toilet. Walking distance to the roaring Mörrumsån and sights such as Laxens Hus in Mörrum. For more information, please contact Folkets Hus at tel +46 454-500 64.
GPS: N 56 ° 11 17 E 14 ° 44 48

Kreativum, parking spaces (no service)

PLEASE NOTE! Due to the coronavirus, Kreativum Science Center is temporarily closed. More information at
Motorhomes are welcome to stay overnight at Kreativum’s bus parking. The parking lot is located to the right before the barn in the right parking lot. Time for parking is between 18.00-09.00, when there are no visitors parking or busses. Max five spaces, during the holiday period July-Aug. If you visit Kreativum during the day, you can pick up a note with a parking permit at the reception. Parking is free. No service available. In July and august Kreativum is open every day. You can visit the café and shop without paying an entrance fee. More information available at, Kreativum.
GPS: N 56 ° 11 35 E 14 ° 51 8

Emptying tanks and refilling fresh water

Regarding emptying tanks and refilling freshwater, please refer to the municipality’s campsites, Kolleviks Camping and Långasjönäs Camping. A smaller fee is payable at the reception at each campsite. You can empty your tanks at Åryd’s rest area, just east of Karlshamn.