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View of Tärnö, the guest harbour and boathouses
The archipelago in Karlshamn extends from the western municipal border to Sweden’s southeastern corner.

This group of islands is called Hällaryd’s archipelago and consists of 500 scenic islands of different sizes with stone or rocky beaches and meadows. Tjärö, Joggesö, Ekö, Östra Bokö and  Fölsö are the names of some of the islands. The largest in the archipelago is Tärnö. The archipelago boats visit most islands, starting at the archipelago terminal in the city center across from the Carlshamn Hotel. Boats also departs from Matvik, Järnavik and Väggahamnen (Väggahamnen only during high season). The boat also stops at the fortress island Kastellet, which is located in Karlshamn’s harbour inlet. Boat tours to Kastellet during pre and post season is free. Please note that the cafe at Kastellet is only open during low season, so bring a picnic basket during high season. During high season you can also go by boat to Eriksbergs nature reserve.

Information about current timetables for the archipelago boats in Karlshamn can be found here.

Tickets are purchased on board the boats and they are paid in cash, by card or Swish. Blekingetrafiken’s “summer ticket” is valid on the boats (and also train and buses). Boat tours to Kastellet during pre and post season is free.

The archipelago boat tours are run by Haglund Shipping / Blekinge archipelago tours.
Phone: +46 (0)708-19 17 51

For more information, for example; prices, news and more, see Blekingetrafiken’s website or call +46 (0)455-569 00.

Taxi boats
Destination Tärnö
Malin Eriksson
Phone: +46 (0)708-62 18 34
Max 8 people. Booking is required one day in advance.

Phone: +46 (0)702-50 05 76
Max 12 people. Taxi journeys during daytime.