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Fishing rules & regulations

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Here you can read more about the laws and regulations that govern when, where and how we get to fish. If you are uncertain about the rules, you can contact the County Administrative Board’s fishing unit, tel. 0455-870 74, for information.

When fishing in fresh water, lakes and streams, permission is always required from the fishery owner (fishing license). Hand-held fishing on the coast is free. Read more about recreational fishing in Karlshamns municipality here.

On the coast, trolling fishing may only be carried out in public water (at least 300 m from the beach). In waters where every Swedish citizen has the right to fish, fishing may be conducted without permission, almost 100 m from fixed gear or if the gear is marked out in the prescribed manner.

Closed seasons

The coastal water area (out to four nautical miles outside the baseline) from the border with Skåne to Torhamn headland: Salmon and sea trout 15 September – 31 December. Turbot and smoothie June 1 – July 31. Fishing for eels is prohibited. There are exceptions for some fresh water (FIFS 2004: 37)


Salmon and trout October 1 – December 31. (Many fishing rights owners choose a later premiere in the spring, often in March or April.)

Minimum dimensions for fishing with hand-held gear

Baltic Sea: Salmon 60 cm. Trout 50 cm. Pike 40 cm. In flowing water (streams that open in the Baltic Sea up to definite migration barrier): Salmon 50 cm. Trout 50 cm. When fishing for pike with hand gear in the Baltic Sea, a fisherman is allowed to catch for a day and keep a maximum of three pike between 40 and 75 cm.

Special rules

In the Pukaviks Bay A and B zones all trolling fishing is prohibited. Within the C zone, trolling fishing is allowed from 1 January through 31 July. Hand-held fishing for salmon and trout is allowed in zones B + C from 1 January to 31 August.

Mörrumsån’s protection zones

Zone A, and up to the bridge in Elleholm: All fishing prohibited.
Zone B: Trolling fishing prohibited.
Zone C: Trolling fishing is allowed from 1 January to 31 July.
For trolling fishing in the C zone, 1) a maximum of 6 baits per boat may be used at the same time and 2) only one salmon is caught and retained per fishing day.
From 15 September to 31 December fishing is prohibited.