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Costal fishing

Picture of the sea with a fishing rod in front
Karlshamn’s coast and archipelago are not only beautiful, but you will find brilliant fishing opportunities.


Species: Sea trout pike and perch
Nature reserve with high service level – accommodation and very good restaurant.
Directions: Ferry from Järnavik or Karlshamn

Eriksberg’s beaches

Species: Pike and perch
Wander along the water. Some very good pike fishing.
Directions: From E 22 towards Matvik, then follow the signs


Species: Sea trout, salmon, beak pike, pike and perch
Mainly fishing from cliffs. Good sea trout fishing around the south side. One of the few places where you have the chance to fish salmon from land. At the beach area good beak pike fishing in the spring. Good pike and perch fishing in the inland bays.
Directions: From E 22 towards Karlshamn ports, signs to Sternö

Kofsa Nabbe

Species: Sea trout, pike, perch
Well-liked outdoor area.
Directions: From E 22 towards Karlshamn harbors, roundabout right towards Stilleryd, left towards Stilleryd harbor, then right at the first take-off road, Drösebovägen. After approx. 1 km left towards Kofsa, 1.5 km right towards Kofsa Outdoor area, gate and parking lot