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Welcome to the Sydostleden – a 270 kilometer long bicycle route in southern Sweden, from Växjö in Småland to Simrishamn in Skåne. The Sydostleden offers you a varied nature experience from the bike saddle. Choose to start the trip in the deep forests of Småland in the north, along the coast in the south or which ever place you choose along the route.

On the route you will become acquainted with the forests and lakes of Kronoberg, the coast and sea in Blekinge as well as the plains ans sandy beaches of Skåne. You will ride through forest, farmland, villages and towns.
The Sydostleden is an easily accessible and traffic safe cycle route that is packed with cultural experiences and stunning nature. It consists largely of traffic-free cycle paths. Long streches are paved and the entire route is marked with red and white signs.

Start in Växjö, Simrishamn or anywhere along the Sydosteleden. Cycle the entire route in one go, or do one stage at a time. Make detours onto local cycle routes. Some of Sydostleden’s sections already existed and have now been joined together by newly built cycle paths to form a continuous route in Sweden, the Sydostleden is recognised as the country’s second national cycling route. This means that it meets the Swedish Transport Administration’s criteria.

Maps are sold at tourist centers along the trail. More information about Sydostleden can be found via links below. Visit the website of Sydostleden or order a paper map of the entire Sydostleden trail.

Sydostleden’s website

Order a map/brochure of Sydostleden

Get inspired!

Here you can see an inspirational video about the biking trails Sydostleden, Sydkustleden and Kattegattleden: Southern Sweden trails – 900 km of biking

Bike rental & service

Need to rent a bike or to repair your bicycle? In Karlshamn you can rent bikes through Karlshamns Vandrarhem (youth hostel), Kolleviks Camping, Långasjönäs Camping, Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve and at the train station (via “Blekingetrafiken” through an app). More information can be found here.