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Cycling in beautiful and varied nature between Karlshamn and Halmstad. The bike route Banvallsleden uses two disused narrow-gauge railway lines, the Halmstad – Bolmens and Karlshamn – Vislanda – Bolmens railways, built at the end of the 19th century and in operation until about 1970.

Cycle on one of the country’s longest bike routes via Halmstad, Ljungby, Alvesta, Tingsryd, Olofström and Karlshamn. Here you cycle from the Baltic Sea to the Western Sea and the distance is 249.5 kilometers long. It mostly runs on the Vislanda railway embankment from Karlshamn along several rivers, Mörrumsån, Åsnen, Bolmen and Nissan to Halmstad.

So you cycle mostly on a route without cars and motorbikes. The route makes room for relaxation, nature and cultural experiences in the old borderland between Denmark and Sweden.

If you are lucky, you can see the large salmon in the river Mörrumsån but also kingfishers, sea eagles and moose on your bike ride. You cycle through old areas full of stories and legends, about the Battle of Bråvalla, about Blända and her women who defeated the Danes, about the sword Tirfing and the bearers on Bolmsö.

You also travel through technology and industrial history, power plants, iron mills, paper mills, carbon black factories, closed factories and living industry. Here there is industrial history and technology history to experience at e.g. ABU Museum, Ebbamåla Bruk (mill), Huseby Bruk (mill) with guided tours.

It is a real cultural heritage trip, but also a nice bike ride in wonderful nature along water.

Experiences at Mörrumsån/Åsnen are, for example, a visit to Laxens hus in Mörrum (by the river), Ebbamåla Bruk, Getnö Gård or Huseby Bruk.

For more information, see Banvallsleden’s website.
Order a map of the Banvallsleden here.