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Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from visitors. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us via email or phone. We will be happy to help you.

Attractions & History

Tips on things to see or visit in Karlshamn
Karlshamn’s Cultural Quarter (Karlshamn’s Museum, Skottsbergska Gården and The Punch Museum)
Martinssonska Gården (art museum)
Karlshamn Maritime Museum
The fortress island Kastellet
Karlshamn’s archipelago
Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve (Scandinavia’s largest safari park)
Mörrums Kronolaxfiske (The river Mörrum and The Salmon House)
Kreativum Science Center
The Emigrants Monument of Karl Oskar & Kristina
The Abu Museum in Svängsta
Ancient monument in Halahult

Where does the Emigrants Monument of Karl Oskar & Kristina stand?
The statue stands by the sea in Hamnparken/Näsviken.

Which museums are there in Karlshamn (opening hours)?
Karlshamn’s Cultural Quarter, Mon-Fri 13:00-16:00 (high season Tue-Sun 13:00-17:00)
Karlshamn Maritime Museum, Mon-Fri 09:00-13:00 (also Sat-Sun during high season)
Martinssonska Gården art museum (open summer time, low season group bookings only)
The Abu Museum in Svängsta (open summer time, low season group bookings only)

What is the big factory in the city center manufacturing?
AAK (Aarhus Karlshamn) manufactures vegetable oils from rapeseed and soybeans used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries as well as for animal feed.

Transport & Traffic

When do the boats run in Karlshamn’s archipelago?
The archipelago boats run June-August. During high season, there are several tours every day. See timetable here.

From where do the boats depart?
The boats depart from the terminal in the city center (opposite Hotel Carlshamn). Boats also depart from Matvik, Järnavik and Vägga harbour.

Where do I buy tickets for the archipelago boat tours?
You buy tickets on board the boat and you can pay with card or cash.

Is there serving on board the boats?
Yes, there is quite simple serving on board (e.g. coffee, soda, buns).

Can I bring my dog on the archipelago boat?
Yes, you can bring your dog on the boat (also wheelchair and stroller).
Some ask if you can bring a bike on board and it is possible, but it is not bike friendly on the islands in Karlshamn’s archipelago. Better to hike.

How do I get to the fortress island Kastellet?
By boat during summertime. See timetable here. Bring a picnic basket.

From where does the ferry go to Klaipeda?
From Stilleryd harbour, a few kilometres west of the city. They can be reached at tel +46 (0)454-336 80. More information here.

Where can I park my motorhome?
On the East Pier (Östra Piren) there are a few parking spots for motorhomes (chargeable) next to the the technical college. You can also park your motorhome at Kolleviks Camping or Långasjönäs Camping. There are motorhome spots in Väggahamnen and Svanevik from 1 June to 31 August. Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve has also got motorhome spots during the summer. More information can be found here.

Where can I rent a bike?
Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve, phone +46 454-56 43 00
Karlshamns Youth hostel & Hotel, phone +46 454-140 40
Kolleviks Camping, phone +46 454-192 80 (summer)
Långasjönäs Camping, phone +46 454-32 06 91
The train station and next to the archipelago terminal, via Blekingetrafiken

Where is long-term parking available?
At the train station, Matvik and during summer also in Svanevik.

Where is the nearest airport?
In Kallinge, outside of the city Ronneby, about 30 km east of Karlshamn.

Activities & Experiences

Tips for fun activities in Karlshamn
Karlshamns Golf Club (Mörrum)
Eriksberg’s Beaches outside of the safari park (hiking trails)
Långasjönäs nature reserve (camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking, sauna etc.)
Hiking in the Sternö-Boön nature reserve (hiking, barbecue areas, swimming, etc.)
Väggabadet (indoor and outdoor pool, water slide, jacuzzi, cafe etc.)
Karlshamns Kallbadhus – outdoor swimming bath and sauna (next to Väggabadet)
Play padel (Väggabadet, Asarum and Mörrum)
Snorkelling trail (at Kolleviks Camping)
Asarum Mini Golf Club
Karlshamn Bowling Center 
Centrumbiografen (cinema)
Kreativum Science Center
Seaside promenade (a hiking trail between the city center and Väggahamnen)

I enjoy being in the nature, where should I go?
See answers above, e.g. the nature reserves Långasjönäs, Sternö-Boön and Eriksberg. Hiking map for Långasjönäs and Sternö-Boön

Where can I go fishing?
Coastal fishing (free). Lake fishing (fishing license required) e.g. Långasjön, Kroksjöarna and Lindenborgssjön. Buy fishing license at Långasjönäs Camping or at Also fishing in the river Mörrum (“Mörrumsån”). More information here.

Where can I go cycling in Karlshamn?
You can cycle between different attractions and nature reserves in Karlshamn by bike, e.g. on bike trails or smaller roads. Bicycle trails that go to or pass Karlshamn are Sydostleden (Växjö-Simrishamn) and Banvallsleden (Halmstad-Karlshamn).
Bicycle pump is located on the East Pier (Östra Piren), at the square and the train station.

Where can I fix my bike or buy spare parts?
Karlshamns Cykelservice, Erik Dahlbergsvägen 28 (street), in the city center.
Jibo, Horsarydsvägen 1 (street), about 2 km outside of the city center.
Cykelmartin, Domarevägen 10 (street) in Asarum, about 6 km from the center.

Where can I rent a bike?
Find the listing of bicycle rental here.

Where can I pump my bicycle?
Bicycle pumps are located on the eastern pier (Östra Piren), the square, the train station and Stora Coop. Se map.

Where can I go swimming?
In Långasjönäs nature reserve, in the lakes called Långasjön and Kroksjöarna. By Långasjön you will find camping, kiosk, jetties, beach, rowing boats, canoes, paddle boards and mini golf. More quietly it is at Kroksjöarna where you will find jetties, sauna and rowing boats.
You can also go swimming in Kollevik (sea bath with beach, cliffs, jetties, camping and kiosk), Sternö (sea bath with beach and jetties) and Väggabadet (pool bath and cafe). There is also a small jetty near the city center by the East Pier (Östra Piren).

Do you have an outdoor swimming bath with sauna?
Yes, Karlshamns Kallbadhus, situated near Väggabadet and the seaside promenade (sea).
Also sauna in Nytorpet in Långasjönäs nature reserve (lake).

Where can dogs go for a swim?
Kofsa, Boön, Mörrumsån, Brogölen/Brogylen and Tallen in Långasjön (but not at the campsite or the southern end). Read more about where dogs can swim and more here.

Is there an enclosed area for dogs?
Yes, at the street Idrottsvägen, about 200 meters from the Vägga sports area (Vägga Idrottshall).

Other questions

Is there a Tourist Information Center in Karlshamn?
Yes, the Tourist Information Center in Karlshamn is situated on the eastern quay at Hamngatan 5 and is open June, July and August. Welcome to visit us if you have any questions or would like to receive brochures and maps. We are available only by phone, email and chat during low season (September-May). Visit an InfoPoint for personal service during low season. More information here.

Where can I find brochures and maps about Karlshamn?
At the Tourist Information Center on the square, or at InfoPoints in Karlshamn, e.g. Hotel Carlshamn, Best Western Karlshamn, BM Designcenter in Svängsta and at the campsites in Karlshamn (Kollevik and Långasjönäs). Here you can also ask questions regarding your visit. See map here.
Lundins bookstore, the libraries, cafes, grocery stores, pharmacies and the City Hall reception are other places where you can find brochures and maps.

Where can I buy souvenirs?
At Långasjönäs Camping, about 10 km north of Karlshamn (drive towards Asarum), at Lundins Bokhandel (book store), Kronolaxfisket in Mörrum and a smaller selection at Direkten in the city center.

Where can I exchange money?
At the bank Sparbanken in Karlshamn (open weekdays 10-15, Thursdays until 18).

Where is there free Wifi?
Rockos Konditori (pastry shop)
Esters Cafe
Brasserie Fridolf (restaurant)
Christines Konditori (pastry shop)
Kreativum Science Center
Karlshamn Bowlingcenter
Mormors Bakeri (restaurant/cafe)
On the East Pier/Näsviken (outdoor, called KarlshamnOPEN)

When are the stores open in Karlshamn?
The opening hours varies, for more information see website Karlshamns Handel (in Swedish).

If I hurt myself, where do I turn?
Brunnsgårdens vårdcentral (care center). For advice, call 1177 (the care guide). For emergency assistance call 112.

Where are the pharmacies (apotek)?
Apotek Hjärtat (ICA Maxi i Asarum)
Apotek Ugglan (at the hospital)
Apoteksgruppen (Stora Coop Karlshamn)
Kronans Apotek (at the square)

Where do I find public toilets?
At the square, by the park Rosengården, by the guest harbour/boat terminal and at the library.

Where can I buy stamps and send a parcel?
Coop Konsum Österport, street Idrottsvägen no 2
Coop Svängsta, street Holländarevägen 70
Coop Mörrum, street Sölvesborgsvägen 37
Direkten, on the pedestrian street Drottninggatan 67
ICA Maxi, Asarum, street Korpadalsvägen 3
Matöppet, Hällaryd, street Elisbergsvägen 10
Willys (the service desk), at the square

Where can I post my postcards?
Find mailboxes on e.g. the square, the East Pier (Östra Piren), outside the shop Direkten (close to the pedestrian street) and at City Gross.